Ukraine defense Fund
Logo & identity design, UI/UX
Providing supplies and support to Ukraine
UDF are sourcing and distributing supplies to the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces
Logo & Corporate Identity Design, Website design, UI/UX
Steps & Tools
Wireframing, design. Figma, Illustrator
Time Scale
2 weeks
Completion date of project
March 2022
The sign demonstrates unity as Ukrainians have never been so united. The Logo helps communicate the main idea of the Fund which helps Ukrainians defend themselves
Logo Design
The concept of the design combines the national flag of Ukraine while integrating square photos of work results. This provides a strong visual identity
Identity through all of the Socials
Press about us, contribute funds, donation options, our progress and the latest Instagram and Youtube updates
Website Design
The Mobile version is all about convenience and conversion. Anyone can tap for a donation from any part of the website
Mobile Design
Design Director
Dima Kiselev

Marina Shkuryna
Vitalii Trus

Maria Bugai