Car with a driver in 30 minutes anywhere in Ukraine
About the project
«Perevozchik» — light passenger transportation to absolutely any point in Ukraine.
Renting a comfortable car with a professional driver is the most preferred option for short-term trips around the country for people who value their time, comfort and safety,
Objective of the project
Lead generation
The essence of the task
To create a website (Landing Page) with a key action - ordering a car rental service with a driver. Provide online applications.
Steps and tools
Design, assembly on Tilda, creative development, targeted advertising, analytics
10 working days
Date of implementation
December 2020
The company has its own fleet of reliable vehicles.
The visitor is offered a choice of car class.
Own vehicle fleet
Three language versions
Including translations of logos
An experienced driver is, first of all, a guarantor of the client's safety and peace of mind on the road
Best drivers
You can place an application in a few clicks by filling out a simple form
Simple as one-two-three
Urgently resolve the issue of renting a car for a trip to another city - is simple due to the availability of the site on all devices and an effective user interface.
Always at hand service
Input, cars, drivers, everything is simple, calculation, popular and prices, reviews, why us, questions-answers, ask a question, discount, contacts
Entire site
11 hypotheses. The first three language advertising campaigns
Result: CTR 11.94%
Design Director


Dima Kiselev


Denis Sizemov
Maria Bugai

Traffic Manager

Alexandra Procenko

Viktoriia Demianenko