Search for clinics and doctors worldwide
About the project
Bookimed is an international platform for finding clinics and organizing treatments.
Project goal
To become the No.1 platform in the world
Scope of the task
Complete the tasks of modernization and improvement of external and internal aspects of the service
Steps and tools
Engineering, design, Figma
6+ months
Implementation Date
July 2020 - present
The updated clinic page has a smaller photo gallery. The "sticky" button (a button to go further down the funnel) functions everywhere
Clinic page
In the clinic directory, information about each clinic has been expanded. Here, you can view basic prices, doctors, and reviews
Hub is a collection of all available information by category and country on one page
Inside the dashboard, a partner or clinic can manage the content itself. For example, add before/after photos
Adding before/after procedure photos
Everyone uses messengers today. A partner or clinic itself connect their messengers, where they can communicate with visitors
Messengers in the profile
Request can be taken to work, used to make an offer, or be delegated within the system
Patient requests
Everyone works differently. We have prepared an interface where each clinic will be able to specify its working days and hours
Working days and hours
Quick profile editing
Any piece of content on the clinic's page can be edited by clicking on the "pencil"
Price editing interface
In the price editing interface, you can select a fixed price, "from and to" or "price on request"
Physician Editing
A partner or clinic can add a doctor, photo, categories, CV, video, and all other information on their own
The mobile version of each feature or page is always developed independently
Mobile Version
Design Director

Dima Kiselev

Maria Bugai
Lada Zhigulina