A premium provider of business technical support
About the project
MK Premium Services is a provider of technical support services for businesses. The company provides both round-the-clock support from the call-center and individual expert technical consulting for businesses and startups for specific purposes
Project Objective
To test the hypothesis, to create a tool to increase the number of requests from potential clients
Scope of the task
Branding design. The key action is booking the consultation by phone, reaching out via live chat.
Steps and tools
Planning, design, Figma
7 days, 60 business hours
Implementation Date
November 2020
Hardware problems will not cause downtime and losses for active businesses
All problems can be solved
Details of the mobile version
The mobile version runs without video. The woman on the first screen for phones had to be flipped
The mobile version is consistent and is not limited in its functionality even on the smallest devices
The company offers a customized approach to provide prompt technical support to the client 24/7
Customized approach
Every business is unique. Keeping this in mind, MK focuses on individual service conditions for each client
Interaction model
Customer focus, responsibility, and individual approach
You can apply in a few clicks by filling out a simple form
Callback form
The entire site
As part of the design, all necessary adjustments have been made
Adaptive versions
Design Director

Dima Kiselev


Viktoriia Demianenko